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April 23, 2010 Linda will be talking about her new book The Power of Memoir in San Ramon, CA at 7 PM.
At most book events, the audience poses questions about writing memoir. Many who attend these book events are beginning their own memoir, and are eager to learn some tips from Linda Joy.

The topics that are foremost in people’s minds include:
1. How do I handle writing a memoir with my family?
2. When I write, I feel that my life is so boring. Should I just stop?
3. How do I stand behind my truths when family and friends keep telling me that I’m wrong?
4. I have had some traumatic things happen to me and I’m scared to write about them. Do you have any advice for me?
5. I am just a beginning writer. Is there any hope for me to write a memoir?

Linda talks about these questions in her presentations at bookstores, and answers such concerns in her book The Power of Memoir. Even if you do not want to write specifically for healing purposes, writing a memoir is a profound process of self-development and self-exploration. The challenges for most memoir writers are the same: learning how to write while also confronting memories and versions of truth.

If you are struggling with your memoir and want some supportive advice, come to hear Linda Joy speak at the various events located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Articles and blog posts appear about these subjects at her sites and

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